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Mar. 13th, 2005 @ 12:25 pm DAY 2
Transcribd from Audio Log

Those maggot ridden filthy wretches out there came from hell but sending them back is proving tougher then I thought. I mean, I knew some of them, all these years living here alone after I, no, we, divorced our bastard parents saw that we was never alone through them. We were always on friendly terms, they loved me, they loved my brother and we loved them too. We shared jokes, helped each other out financially and suddenly a whole bitter world seemed far better. You could never ask for better neighbours on gods green earth.

Then theres yesterday I keep thinking back to how it all began and I can only say I slept through it, my bro hadn't been there to wake me up in fact to get to me I forgot to mention he came home and opened the back door to get in at me how creepy is that? There was big bad old me shootin' a bolt through his brain. I learned on the news from some scientist:

"These beings can no longer be considered human, they have exhibited no such behaviour patterns of remembering being human beyond repeating skills that they knew in life."
"Thats bullshit!" Called out one of the audience
"They must be avoided at all costs, all it takes is one bite and you will turn into one of them. If a member of your group has been bitten you must isolate this individual immediately."

Course no one listened to him and thats going to see a whole lotta people as walking husks of meat. You know what the funny thing is? Mrs Holden has the cutest little poodle in the world, it aint been fed for 24 hours, and though she is dead its wandering around with her, it doenst look or move dead unless it had a heart attack, it looks like it's alive. Poor little mite'll probably starve to death if I leave it. I know she'd want me to look after it but what the fuck can I fuckin' do? Am I gonna sit on my ass and let this fuckin happen? Okay need to relax.

Alright, heres my plan, those dead bitches out there, they react to noise, so I figure I could maybe phone a couple of neighbours, draw them to a house waaay down the street and then fire up a motor and be outta this hovel. I'm gonna put it into practice, and its gonna be tonight. Adious.
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Mar. 12th, 2005 @ 08:00 pm DAY 1
Transcribed from Audio log

So then here's the deal a guy wakes up and finds zombies outside barging into houses pulling out the occupants and seemingly devouring his neighbours, what does he do? he runs into his loft and hides - smart guy . Its pretty obvious this guy isnt a idiot ain't it? WRONG he's a idiot for the pure and simple fact that he left his window open, loft ladders cause a loud thud on the wooden floor, noise travels and the undead and their leftovers pick up on that, sure enough those rotten folk and the parts they didn't eat bust into this schmo's house and start tearing the place up looking for him.

So he's up in the loft literally shitting himself when all of a sudden a police car goes wailing down the street thus attracting all them ugly mutha's and solving this retards problem, or so he thinks. You see, this idiot actually goes down and assumes everything is safe, he barricades his front doors and windows and starts checking his food supply only, horror upon horrors, he is grabbed from behind with cold dead fingers and turns around to find his brother standing staring at him, smelling of piss and booze, wanting to take a big bite out of him.

"Oh no brother! not my brother!" Goes this retard who is confronted by a sibling of his own flesh and blood, does he kill him then? no he locks him in the kitchen, where the food is. This pillock then runs upstairs into his room and hunts high and low for his custom built bolt gun he runs downstairs opens the door says "Sorry bruv" and fires, the bolt goes through his bro's left eye and knocks him flat on his buttocks. "Nooooo! What have I done!" Goes the sorry soul as he hugs the husk that was his brother.

Anyway, after a good long cry he continues barricading the place and then its nightfall, he then realises in all this chaos he never questioned what was going on, what they were, he just assumed they were some of the crazies reported the previous afternoon. He turns on the news to find the USA is in a state of emergency and its pretty much the same at home and in other places across the world. He also learns these assailants are all dead folk who have come to this new layer of hell formerly called planet earth.

He cried himself to sleep and hoped it would all be over soon prayed to the god he ditched and forsaken years ago but he knew the prayers of the living would now go unheeded. How do I know all this? Because the retard, idiot, pillock is me ladies and gentlemen, yes me and it's Dave to you boys and girls.
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Mar. 13th, 2005 @ 07:08 pm (no subject)
Tweaked Advocacy a little bit and just for fun am making a 'survivors' style log to go with Dawn remake envision what you'd be doing in that situation...
If you seen the films you know the rules
Zombies run
Zombies shriek
Headshots wont always work (may just faze them)
The world fell apart in less then a day.
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